Pikashow App Not Opening? Here’s a 100% Working Solution!

Hey there! So, you’ve been trying to binge-watch your favorite shows on Pikashow, but the app just won’t open? I know how frustrating that can be! But don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Let’s dive into some foolproof ways to get your Pikashow app up and running again.

Step 1: Restart Your Device

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s start with the simplest solution: restarting your device. Sometimes, all your phone or tablet needs is a quick reboot to get everything back in order. So go ahead, turn it off, and then back on. Now, try opening Pikashow again.

Step 2: Check Your Internet Connection

The Pikashow app needs a stable internet connection to work properly. If your Wi-Fi or mobile data is acting up, the app might not open. Here’s how you can check:

  1. Wi-Fi: Make sure you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. If the signal is weak, try moving closer to the router.
  2. Mobile Data: Ensure that mobile data is enabled and that you have a good signal.

If everything seems fine but the app still won’t open, let’s move on to the next step.

Step 3: Clear App Cache and Data

Clearing the cache and data of the Pikashow app can solve a lot of issues. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Android Users:
    • Go to Settings.
    • Tap on Apps or Application Manager.
    • Scroll down and find Pikashow.
    • Tap on Storage.
    • Select Clear Cache and then Clear Data.
  2. iOS Users:
    • Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t allow the cache to be cleared directly. You might need to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Step 4: Update the App

An outdated app can cause various problems, including not opening. Make sure your Pikashow app is updated to the latest version.

  1. Android Users:
    • Open the Google Play Store.
    • Tap on the three lines in the upper left corner and select My apps & games.
    • Find Pikashow and tap Update if available.
  2. iOS Users:
    • Open the App Store.
    • Tap on your profile icon at the top of the screen.
    • Scroll down to see pending updates and release notes. Tap Update next to Pikashow.

Step 5: Reinstall the App

If updating doesn’t work, you might need to reinstall Pikashow. This can fix corrupted files and other issues.

  1. Android Users:
    • Go to Settings.
    • Tap on Apps or Application Manager.
    • Find and tap on Pikashow.
    • Tap Uninstall.
    • Open the Google Play Store, search for Pikashow, and reinstall it.
  2. iOS Users:
    • Press and hold the Pikashow app icon until it starts to jiggle.
    • Tap the X on the app icon, then tap Delete.
    • Open the App Store, search for Pikashow, and reinstall it.

Step 6: Check for Device Compatibility

Sometimes, the issue might be that your device is not compatible with the latest version of the app. Check the app’s requirements on the Google Play Store or App Store to ensure your device meets them.

Step 7: Contact Customer Support

If none of the above steps work, it might be time to contact Pikashow’s customer support. They can provide specific advice and solutions based on your problem. Contact information is usually found on the app’s official website or within the app store listing.

Bonus Tips

Keep Your Device Software Updated

Make sure your device’s operating system is up to date. Sometimes, app issues can be resolved by simply updating your device’s software.

Free Up Space

Ensure you have enough free space on your device. If your storage is nearly full, it can cause apps to malfunction. Delete unnecessary files or apps to free up some space.

Use a VPN

If you’re traveling or in a region where Pikashow might be restricted, try using a VPN to access the app. This can sometimes bypass regional restrictions and allow the app to work properly.


Getting your Pikashow app back in working condition doesn’t have to be a hassle. By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the issue and get back to enjoying your favorite shows in no time. Remember, a stable internet connection and keeping your apps and device updated is key to preventing such issues in the future.

So go ahead, give these fixes a try, and happy streaming!

I hope you found this guide helpful! If you have any other tips or tricks that worked for you, feel free to share them in the comments below. Let’s help each other out!

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According to recent data, over 60% of app issues can be resolved by updating the app or clearing the cache. Always ensure your apps are up-to-date for the best performance.