How to stop or disable Ads in the LiveNetTV App|No Ads🚫2024

LiveNetTV is a popular streaming application that provides users access to various live TV channels, movies and shows from different genres and regions. While the app offers convenient access to entertainment content, some users may find the ads disruptive to their viewing experience. Luckily, LiveNetTV provides options to manage and disable ads within the app.

To stop or disable ads in LiveNetTV, users can follow a straightforward process within the app’s settings. By accessing the settings menu, typically indicated by a gear or three horizontal lines icon, users can navigate to the ad settings section. Within this section, there is usually an option to disable ads or toggle off ad-related features. Once users have disabled ads, they can confirm their actions and exit the settings menu.

Disabling ads in LiveNetTV enhances the viewing experience by reducing interruptions and distractions while enjoying favorite TV channels and content. Users can enjoy seamless streaming without being interrupted by advertisements, ensuring a more immersive entertainment experience overall. By providing options to disable ads, LiveNetTV aims to cater to user preferences and offer greater control over the app’s viewing environment.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to stop or disable ads in LiveNetTV:

➡️Open LiveNetTV: Launch the LiveNetTV app on your device.

➡️Access Settings: Look for the settings option within the app. You can usually find it by tapping on the three horizontal lines or the gear icon in the top-left or top-right corner of the screen.

➡️Navigate to Ad Settings: In the settings menu, search for an option related to “Ads” or “Advertisement Settings.” This option might be under the “General” or “Advanced” settings category.

➡️Disable Ads: Once you’ve found the ad settings, look for an option to disable ads. This option might be labeled “Disable Ads,” “Turn Off Ads,” or something similar. Tap on this option to stop ads from appearing within the LiveNetTV app.

➡️Confirm Disable: If prompted, confirm your action to disable ads. Some apps may ask for confirmation before making changes to ad settings.

➡️Exit Settings: After disabling ads, exit the settings menu by tapping the back arrow or close button.

➡️Restart LiveNetTV: To ensure the changes take effect, close and reopen the LiveNetTV app.


In conclusion, LiveNetTV offers users a diverse selection of live TV channels, movies, and shows, making it a popular choice for entertainment streaming. While ads are a common feature in many free apps, LiveNetTV allows users to disable ads, allowing for a more uninterrupted viewing experience.

Users can easily disable ads and enjoy their favourite content without interruptions by following simple steps within the app’s settings menu. This feature enhances user satisfaction by giving users control and providing a more seamless streaming experience.

Overall, LiveNetTV continues to prioritize user preferences by offering customizable features like ad disabling, ultimately contributing to a more enjoyable and immersive entertainment experience for its users.